FindWord - Licence types, prices and purchase

A powerful, fast and particularly useful system does'nt have to be expensive. FindWord comes in two licence categories, which differ as follows:

Personal   Indexing of arbitrary drives on the local PC:
  •     0 US$  for private use
  •   20 US$  for 1 user
  •   80 US$  for 5 users
  • 140 US$  for 10 users
Professional   Indexing of arbitrary drives on the local PC and Network:
  •   40 US$  for 1 user
  • 160 US$  for 5 users
  • 280 US$  for 10 users

Other currencies are welcomecontact us for a quotation!

How to buy FindWord

We're firm believers in "try before buy", so first you install FindWord and try it out. Note that there is no demo version, only the full version - which will run for 30 days after installation. If you then want to buy it, call it up and choose "?" - "Registration". Send us the registration key which you find there – you can normally do this online. We'll send you the bill, together with an activation key which permanantly activates your existing installation.

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