Guaranteed results without training

The basic idea behind FindWord is to scan some or all of the documents on your PC or local network and to display all the words contained in them, optionally ordered by categories (shown here for E-Mail). You can select any of these words with the mouse or by typing it in (shown here for

FindWord immediately lists all the files containing the selected word, (in our example: Messe.xls). The word is certainly and only contained in the files listed.

A double click on the file name and the programm registered for this type of file is started, to load the file and position the cursor to the word searched for. You can now work normally with the open document , i.e. edit, rename, copy or delete it.

Excel example

Since FindWord only displays words and terms leading to a valid result, you'll always get at least one hit - annoying messages like "no hits" or "0 documents found" belong to the past.

Better still: You get all of that without training. The concept is so easy that even inexperienced computer users grasp it intuitively.